Thursday, April 28, 2016

Benefits of ECTN

  1. enable pre-arrival customs declaration thanks to early availability of shipment information through the ECTN application, rather than having to wait for the deposit of the manifest 24/48 hours prior to vessel’s arrival.
  2. allow accelerated delivery of import cargoes following early customs clearance; - reduce storage, detention and demurrages charges for importers further to accelerated delivery of import cargoes;
  3. improve the occupation of the port facilities (warehouses, container terminals, C.F.S.’, car parks) further to accelerated evacuation of import cargoes; -
  4.  reduce/eliminate port congestion charges by granting quicker access for cargo vessels thanks to improved port occupation, thus generating better competitiveness of the national port(s) in the sub-region
  5. obtain precise information on the freight costs and shipping opportunities (regularity of departures, transit times, delays due to transshipments …), enabling shippers to choose for the best alternative;
  6.  reinforce the Customs controls on cargo values; - create considerable additional import duties revenue thanks to improved customs’ control, which should at the end partly replace the common taxes currently levied. - discourage introduction of expired and counterfeit goods into the country;
  7. obtain in real time reliable statistics and data on the maritime transport and foreign trade sectors;
  8.  improve the national and international trade regulations;

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