Thursday, April 28, 2016

New requirements for all containers to Kenya

The Shippers Council of East Africa has announced a new drive being rolled out currently by the Kenyan government. The scheme is aimed at issuing relevant shipping documents in ample time before the vessel docks. This will enable the KPA to have enough time to process the paperwork as prior arrangements did not facilitate this.

An Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) will be generated by the shipper after the cargo has been laden on to a ship. An ECTN is an electronic document to be issued by the shipper / forwarder at the loading port, containing relevant information on cargoes and their movements between ports. This data includes the shipper and consignee, shipment details, mode of shipment, cargo description, ocean freight, cargo value and insurance.

At the moment, this drive is only being rolled out to goods destined for Kenya. Further consultations will determine whether the pilot scheme will be extended to other East African countries. At the moment, Serengeti Freight Forwarders are not charging administration fees.

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